Kite Financial is a secured & private P2P exchange, fast & easy accessibility to crypto, spending options for crypto and lots more with its easy to use crypto wallet. The fast-growing firm is ushering in the financial infrastructure that connects Africa and beyond. Importantly, this firm is bringing Blockchain closer to Nigerians, and Africa by giving them more useful for their tokens such as the settlement of cable fees, airtime, electricity, etc.


Challenges Kite Financial faced with their previous solution:

-Manual transaction management was painful

-Time-consuming processes

– The Kite financial team needed support for more assets.



In the search for a solution, Kite Financial found THRESH0LD. 

THRESH0LD is an MPC wallet infrastructure helping digital asset exchanges, payment processors, crowdfunding platforms, and other companies that use digital assets save cost and time and also scale securely. These digital asset businesses are able to operate in the most efficient manner possible. 

THRESH0LD integrated a solution to enable businesses to effortlessly add new blockchains and have instant access to DeFi. Currently, THRESH0LD wallet enabled several blockchains which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, EOS, Tron and eleven others.  Additionally, different protocols were integrated into the THRESH0LD wallet to improve and ease processes for digital asset businesses.

With THRESH0LD, Kite Financial now has full and easy access to

  • 17 blockchains
  • 29 protocols
  • Instant access to Decentralized finance
  • A hybrid wallet that minimizes transaction/mining fees



  • Saved up to 50% on transaction fees which were super efficient in helping them scale their digital asset business.
  • Saved time daily with automation: With their previous service Kite had to do a lot of maintenance and too many manual processes which take up a lot of time. Using THRESH0LD’S API automated processes helped them save time in managing customers’ deposits and withdrawals.
  • Added new blockchains with ease: with THRESH0LD features and integrations, adding new blockchains became easier on existing structures, giving them more flexibility.
  • Benefitted from THRESH0LD Support (rated 9/10 by Kite Financial)


“THRESH0LD allows us to be more flexible with building on the blockchain; helps us save time and also provides us with a good support system.”

Mario Egie CEO @ Kite Financial


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