Distributed Trust

Enjoy higher levels of security, resilience and availability with our unique distributed trust architecture.

  • 3 independent parties

  • 2-of-3 threshold

  • 24/7/365 availability

Higher security

To ensure higher security, our MPC solution uniquely involves 3 independent computing parties:

  • you*,
  • us,
  • a 3rd party selected from a list of vetted partner companies.

Each party runs an MPC node within their own secure network, making compromise attempts orders of magnitude harder.

* dedicated infrastructure clients only.

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Higher resilience

To deliver higher resilience, our MPC platform is built on a 2-of-3 computation threshold model.

In the event one of the 3 MPC nodes becomes unavailable, the remaining 2 nodes continue to provide uninterrupted services.

In the event one of the 3 MPC nodes becomes corrupted, the remaining 2 nodes are used to reset it back to normal.

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Higher availability

To deliver higher availability, all MPC nodes run on dedicated servers online 24/7/365.

By removing transaction signature from mobile phones and laptops, we make sure your business and customers can transact anytime.

Day & night.

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