Reduce Operating Costs

Leverage leaner transactions, network fee optimisations and automation to reduce operating costs.

THRESHOLD can help:

  • benefit from leaner transactions
  • avoid superfluous smart contract fees
  • keep network fees low
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Benefit from leaner transactions

Substantially cut costs on network fees with leaner transactions.

For blockchains like Bitcoin and its forks, when compared with traditional multi-signature solutions, THRESH0LD could help your business save up to 63% on transaction size and network fees.

By leveraging threshold cryptography in its core and decoupling transaction approval from signature, our platform delivers the best of both worlds:

  • secure multi-user (m-of-n) transaction approvals,
  • secure & cost-efficient transaction signatures.
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Signature (BTC) Transaction Size (Legacy)
Single Signature 226 vbytes
2-of-3 MultiSig 369 vbytes
Single vs MultiSig 63% leaner

Save 63%

Transaction (ETH) Gas Used
Standard 21,000
Smart Contract 88,349
Standard vs Smart Contract 76% less

Save 76%

Save big on gas

For blockchains like Ethereum, our platform does not rely on smart contracts to deliver multi-user (m-of-n) transaction approvals. Because we’ve decoupled approval from signature, all transactions cost a standard 21,000 gas units in network processing fees,

In contrast, using multi-signature smart contracts introduce several superfluous network fees including but not limited to:

  • deployment fee: ~ 1 million gas units
  • contract execution fees: ~ 88,500 gas units

Switch to THRESH0LD and enjoy a saving of 320% in gas on all ETH and ERC transactions.

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Further cut network fees

Aside from leaner and more cost-effective transactions, further cut your network fees by:

  • Grouping up to 650 UTXOs per transaction (BTC and forks)
  • Specifying the exact network fee to pay for each transaction
  • Scheduling transactions for times when networks are less congested

By leveraging these techniques, you could save up to 80%* in network fees.

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Save 80%*

Just 3 months after integrating THRESH0LD, digital exchange Busha cut network fees by 80% .

Read the Busha story

*Data based on the business’s own internal analysis. Results may not be typical and may vary substantially by business.

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