Success Story


Busha provides financial access to the global economy for Africans using cryptocurrencies. Their customer centric product offers a fiat on/off ramp in minutes and is available via Web, Android and iOS.

International remittances into Africa are over $50B annually while intra-Africa trade is hindered due to exorbitant fees. Busha exists to bridge this gap. They now have over 5,000 active users and are growing 40% MoM!


Busha wanted to further scale their business but were experiencing limitations with their in-house multisig infrastructure.

Their main challenges were:

  • Private key concerns
  • High mining fees
  • Time consuming processes
  • Difficulties to quickly add more blockchain options for their customers.


Busha opted for THRESH0LD turnkey fully-managed SaaS services.


Within 10 days, Busha had completed their integration and went live.

Since then, they have been enjoying:

  • No more private key concerns
  • 80% network fees savings
  • 70% time savings
  • Adding new blockchain options in less than 72 hours

“Thresh0ld is very easy to integrate, highly configurable, has support for numerous coins, and most importantly high availability. I also love all the monitoring and security tools available to work with.”

Michael Adeyeri, Co-Founder @ Busha

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