Find out how they did it in 6 months!

To kick off the Month of March, today we bring you the success story of how Obiex Finance overcame its scaling challenges and enjoyed super-fast growth in trading volume. 

Obiex Finance is a digital asset exchange that offers users access to instant token swapping,

storage and investment of crypto assets. Users can access both DeFi and CeFi services across a range of assets.


Obiex found scaling a challenge with their previous 3rd party

multi-signature wallet provider:

  • High transaction fees
  • Tedious user wallet creation process
  • Support for very few blockchains and tokens


Obiex quickly integrated THRESH0LD and benefited from:

  • Zero fees on Tron based withdrawals
  • Time savings on wallet automation
  • Instant access to multiple blockchains and thousands of assets and
  • Enjoyed 8/10 support (as rated by CEO)
  • More users, higher deposits and increased volumes

“THRESH0LD has opened the doors for Obiex to scale rapidly without boundaries. Once we started using THRESH0LD, our ability to scale operations was greatly enhanced. We grew: in userbase; in deposits, and our monthly trade volume grew to $40M.”

Okeke Ikechukwu, CEO Obiex Finance

THRESH0LD CPO Suren Ravindra reemphasised the objective of helping businesses grow:

“We help digital asset businesses scale and scaling was exactly what Obiex Finance was seeking. It has been a natural partnership, and we enjoy being able to assist in their journey in providing digital asset services to millions.”

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Obiex Finance was founded in 2021 by Paylot Technology and is currently operating in Nigeria. Obiex has 20,000+ members and a mobile app available on iOS and Android. With a monthly trade volume of over $40M, Obiex is planning on creating its NFT marketplace soon to allow users to swap, send and receive NFTs.

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