The Helicarrier Success Story

Helicarrier (Formerly Buycoins) is is on a Mission “to financially connect the African,

including Buycoins & Buycoins Pro, Sendcash, Sendcash Pay, NGNT, Ramp

anywhere they are in the world.” Helicarrier provides a range of digital asset services

and their latest offering, Desk.


Helicarrier faced multiple pain points using a 3rd party multi-signature wallet

infrastructure provider:

  • High mining fees
  • Time consuming processes
  • Access to only a few blockchains


Helicarrier integrated fast and benefitted from:

    • Cut ETH fees by 80% 
    • Saved 70% in time with automation
    • Eliminated 90% Automation headaches
    • Gained instant access to thousands of assets
    • Enjoyed 9.5/10 Support (as rated by Helicarrier CEO)


“THRESH0LD just makes a lot of the complexity with building for crypto disappear, and lets you focus on the actual product.

The team is super helpful and responsive even with custom needs. I can’t imagine doing this without THRESH0LD.”

– Timi Ajiboye, Hellicarrier (Formerly Buycoins) CEO


About Helicarrier

Buycoins was founded in 2017 as an exchange but has recently morphed into the parent company- Helicarrier.

Helicarrier aims to bring crypto mass adoption to a billion people with the following products:

  •  Buycoins & Buycoins Pro: cryptocurrency exchange enabling users to buy and sell crypto
  • Sendcash: enabling users to send money to & from Africa
  • Sendcash Pay: allows traditional & crypto players to add payment experiences to their digital products, according to the helicarrier team it is the only fiat-to-crypto on-ramp in Nigeria.
  • Desk: Private, personalised cross-border payment & crypto trading services for businesses and high net-worth individuals.

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