Cryptocurrency exchange Patricia has selected THRESH0LD as its wallet infrastructure provider to scale business operations across new markets. Patricia is on a mission to make cryptocurrency easy and social for users.

The company is an Africa-centric integrated alternative payment and e-commerce company that helps users buy and sell digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. It also offers the trading of gift cards for local currencies.

THRESH0LD is helping Patricia offer its customers services beyond cryptocurrency exchange with product features such as Patricia Refill – a service enabling users to pay for utilities such as electricity bills, TV subscriptions and airtime purchases with their crypto assets.

Patricia will leverage THRESH0LD’s AML features to monitor activities on its platform enabling regulatory compliance and ensuring best practices as they scale globally and enter new markets.

THRESH0LD’s single API driven automation brings enterprise-grade security to the exchange and enhances user confidence in the brand.

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje, CEO, Patricia


“THRESH0LD has made scaling Patricia easier. It has enabled us to process mass crypto transactions seamlessly at a fraction of the normal cost. Using THRESH0LD’s merchant services, we have been able to roll out Patricia Refill, which enables our customers to pay utility bills with crypto.’’

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje, CEO, Patricia




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