Tier-1 Insurer Provides THRESH0LD with Insurance Coverage Meeting International Standards

THRESH0LD, leading MPC wallet infrastructure is insured by a tier-1 insurance provider to cover wrongdoing, disruption of service, errors caused from use of the technology and cyber crime.  

As a unique MPC business acquiring insurance is a significant milestone and will enhance our present and future customers’ confidence in our technology. Our policy which insures against fraud and other business disruption, is also specifically designed for operations of blockchain-based businesses. 

Back office wallet infrastructure you can trust

THRESH0LD helps digital asset companies process millions of transactions, cut costs, save time and scale via MPC keyless wallet infrastructure. The MPC infrastructure prioritizes security and minimizes the risk of loss of digital assets and has a record of 99.9% uptime.

As a non-custodial wallet solution, several digital asset businesses trust THRESH0LD to help them unlock growth, optimize and automate operations, cut operating costs without compromising on security. THRESH0LD has protected over 390 thousand digital assets on 17 blockchains and 29 protocols. This insurance will provide the clients’ an extra layer of assurance about the technology.

The tier-1 Insurance company made this insurance coverage possible, known globally to provide digital asset insurance solutions “rooted in improving client risk management framework.”

For our customers seeking their own cover, in addition to the confidence in our platform we have arranged with our insurer for an exclusive coverage.

Scale your digital asset business today

Do you need to optimize operations, reduce costs and increase speed of your digital asset transactions? Do you want to save on thousands, scale to millions in the most simple and secure way possible? Contact our sales team today.


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