SekiApp and Thresh0ld Join Forces To Empower Users with Secure and Seamless Crypto Wallet Operations

Thresh0ld X SekiApp

Picture this. It’s payday, and Ade, a young entrepreneur in Lagos, Nigeria, is ready to invest some of his hard-earned money into digital assets. He’s excited, having heard stories about people making it big in the crypto market. But there’s one problem – most platforms he finds are complicated, charge high fees, and don’t resolve his security concerns.

Enter SekiApp, a Nigerian-based digital asset company offering everyday folks like Ade an easy-to-use, secure platform for trading crypto, buying gift cards, and paying utility bills. What’s more? they’ve teamed up with Thresh0ld, bringing an extra layer of security and smooth operations to their wallet system.

With SekiApp, Ade no longer needs to worry about high transaction fees or complex platforms. This is the value addition SekiApp, and their partner Thresh0ld aims to bring to the table. They’re not just making transactions easier, but also making the world of finance more inclusive for everyone.

SekiApp’s CEO- Sam Aiyesoro, shares his views on the fruitful collaboration with Thresh0ld, enthusing, “Ever since we melded Thresh0ld’s groundbreaking technology into our infrastructure, our wallet security and operational efficiency have skyrocketed. Our users now benefit from top-tier security and silk-smooth transactions – precisely the enhancement that SekiApp continually aims for. Riding on Thresh0ld’s expertise, we stand taller and stronger in our pledge to deliver superior, dependable services to our clientele. As we set our sights on even loftier goals, this partnership promises a thrilling ride.”

Ken Akure, The Marketing Lead at Thresh0ld said “ We are excited to be working with SekiApp to help enhance their mission of providing users with a secure, efficient and fast, digital asset trading platform. We’re thrilled about this alliance and look forward to a promising future”

About SekiApp

To learn more about SekiApp and explore potential collaborations and partnerships, reach out via email at, or connect on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

About Thresh0ld

Thresh0ld is a self-custody MPC wallet infrastructure solution for companies building and scaling blockchain-based products. They help digital asset businesses cut transaction fees, efficiently manage mass crypto transactions, save time with automation, and enhance security. It supports 44 blockchain protocols and a DeFiBridge that enables swaps across thousands of assets. Thresh0ld is trusted by over 80 digital asset businesses across Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Reach out to the Thresh0ld team via email at, or connect with them on Twitter and Linkedin.

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