Flux, a Y Combinator backed startup seeking to make cross border remittance to Africa  super fast,

simple, and inexpensive using blockchain technology has chosen THRESH0LD  as its digital asset

management platform.

Flux currently has 20,000+ users, operates with some major banks in Nigeria and it’s looking to scale

to Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt. Flux uses a stable coin for instant cross border money transfers

into Africa.

Asides from remittances, the Flux app allows users to:

  • Buy, sell, send, store and receive crypto assets
  • Pay utility bills and
  • Free instant cash transfers with user-to-user or to local banks in Nigeria. 

The Flux team is the youngest African team to receive funding from the world’s top tech startup accelerator;

Y Combinator. Flux will leverage THRESH0LD’s MPC wallet infrastructure to manage mass crypto transactions

at greatly reduced costs. THRESH0LD will also enhance Flux’s security and back-office efficiency through

simple API driven automation. The reduced operating expenses  and time savings resulting from THRESH0LD’s

integration will improve Flux’s competitive advantage.

“Our partnership with THRESH0LD unlocks new crypto possibilities for our

users and helps us fulfil our goal of providing great service at the lowest fees possible.”

Osezele Orukpe, CTO Flux




THRESH0LD is a secure wallet infrastructure solution built to help blockchain companies boost profitability

without compromising on security or control of assets. THRESH0LD is currently being employed by over

50+ digital asset enterprises across Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.

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