CONGLEX Partners with THRESH0LD to Enhance Security and Scale Operations

Conglex, a technology company that leverages blockchain technology to promote financial inclusion and facilitate cross-border payments in Africa has chosen THRESH0LD to enhance security by providing a decentralised key management system while also significantly reducing transaction costs and ensuring the efficient scaling of operations for Conglex.

Conglex was launched in 2022 in Nigeria and has grown significantly to enable users across Nigeria to enjoy crypto solutions tailored to their needs. Access to crypto loans, a p2p marketplace, and trading of crypto assets are some of the features available to users. Conglex plans to scale to new markets In Africa with the next focus on Kenya.

Conglex CEO, Babatope Adewoye had this to say:

Thresh0ld has helped us save on the time and cost of building a reliable crypto product. The streamlined transaction management dashboard and security that Thresh0ld provides is helping us accomplish our organisational objectives faster’

THRESH0LD’s Multi-Party Computation (MPC) keyless wallet infrastructure utilizes a rule-based authentication process instead of private keys. This approach minimizes the risk of private key exposure and reduces the likelihood of security breaches. Moreover, THRESH0LD reduces transaction costs and processing time, allowing for seamless scalability and growth opportunities for Conglex while providing lower fees to its customers. THRESH0LD supports over 44 blockchain protocols and thousands of assets (see the full list here), providing Conglex with a wide variety of options to offer its users as they scale.

In the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry, THRESH0LD remains a leading player by introducing DeFiBridge, which enables digital asset service providers to engage with DeFi protocols from within their THRESH0LD wallet, offering Conglex users an array of innovative services.

About Conglex

Conglex technology company that allows users to; make cross-border payments, get crypto loans, and swap their crypto assets. They can be contacted via-


THRESH0LD is a secure wallet infrastructure solution built to help blockchain companies such as crypto exchanges, payment processors, NFT Marketplaces, and OTC solutions cut transaction fees, efficiently manage millions of crypto transactions, save time and enhance security. THRESH0LD is currently being deployed by over 80+ digital asset businesses across Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

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