Accessing Zero-Fee TRON Transaction

Building a profitable digital asset platform in a highly competitive market requires a lot of resources as well as effective cost saving measures.

THRESH0LD has built an interface that makes it easy to interact with the TRON protocol and enables access to zero-fee outbound transactions of TRX tokens on your platform.

The TRON blockchain features two types of network resources involved when transferring assets: Bandwidth and Energy.

  • Bandwidth is needed to transfer any asset on the TRON blockchain. Every 24 hours, the network grants each account (i.e. active address) 5,000 Bandwidth points for free.
  • Energy is needed to transfer assets managed by smart contracts such as TRC20 tokens.

Provided an account has sufficient bandwidth and energy available, it can transfer assets without being charged any network fees. If the account transferring the TRC20 assets does not have sufficient energy, it will be charged a network fee of TRX 4.09668 (~USD 0.26), a huge cost for digital asset businesses processing high volumes of transactions daily.

THRESH0LD enables you stake and freeze TRX directly from your vault wallet to earn the bandwidth and energy required to transfer any TRON based assets on your platform for free. This opens up a new line of opportunity for your digital asset business to boost revenue by massively saving costs on mining fees.

Want zero-fees on TRON transactions?

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