­čĄŁTruzact to Improve User Experience & Boost Security with Thresh0ld

Truzact Technologies, a web3 firm based in Africa has chosen Thresh0ld as its wallet infrastructure provider to enhance the user experience and strengthen wallet security.

The CEO, GT Igwe Chrisent said, ÔÇťTruzact is built for Africans, the majority of whom are low-income earners battling rising inflation and currency devaluation. Thresh0ld offers us the much-needed reliable yet cost-efficient blockchain infrastructure to build a scalable financial product for this demographic.ÔÇŁ

Mr. GT went on to elaborate on TruzactÔÇÖs value proposition. According to him, ÔÇťTruzact offers a secure and smart way to save, invest and trade crypto with a robust crypto next-of-kin policy. The app is designed in such a way that makes it simple to use by anyone thereby taking away the complexities often associated with handling crypto while also helping users build digital wealth on the goÔÇŁ

Ken Akure, the Head of Marketing at Thresh0ld stated that ÔÇťWeÔÇÖre happy to be working with Truzact to boost digital asset security as they expand into new African markets. Our Know-Your-Transaction AML feature will also help to effectively monitor platform activities, ensuring TruzactÔÇÖs regulatory compliance and user safety.ÔÇŁ

More About Thresh0ld

Thresh0ld is a secure wallet infrastructure solution built to help companies scaling blockchain-based products (such as crypto exchanges, payment companies, NeoBanks, NFT Marketplaces, OTC solutions, etc) cut transaction fees, efficiently manage millions of crypto transactions, save time with automation and enhance security. We support 44 blockchain protocols and a DeFiBridge that enables swaps across thousands of assets.

Thresh0ld is being deployed by over 80+ digital asset businesses across Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

EmailÔćĺ Sales@thresh0ld.com

TwitterÔćĺ https://twitter.com/THRESH0LD_

LinkedinÔćĺ https://www.linkedin.com/company/thresh0ldglobal

More About Truzact

For collaborations and partnerships, please reach out to:

EmailÔćĺ contact@truzact.net

TwitterÔćĺ https://twitter.com/truzact

InstagramÔćĺ https://www.instagram.com/truzact1/

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